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EUROPEAN VIEW The Resistible Rise of Populism in Europe

This  issue  of  the  European  View  addresses  the  problem  of  populism in today’s Europe. The interaction between populist parties and conventional parties is discussed, along with proposals for potential ways forward. Furthermore, the role and influence of political communication are in our focus, as are the refugee and economic crises, which can be identified as potential breeding grounds for populism.

From this issue on, the European View has been reformed to include topics unrelated to the main theme, so as to enable discussion on more than one subject. Therefore, the reader will also find insightful contributions on the collaboration among the Visegrád Four, the relationship between political economy and misinformation, the use of words in the media regarding the refugee crisis and the tactics of diplomacy.

European View is the policy journal of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies. It is an intellectual platform for politicians, opinion makers and academics that tackles contemporary themes of European politics, focusing on one specific theme in each issue. The journal contributes to the debate on the most important fields of European and international politics.

What makes the European View unique is its hybrid nature – its capacity to involve both esteemed academics and experts on the one hand, and high level politicians and decision makers on the other. Presidents and Prime ministers are regular visiting authors of the journal.

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December 2016

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