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European View: The Future of Political Parties (Vol.14, No.1, June 2015)

Societal changes have altered the engagement of citizens in the decision-making process and the way they approach politics. Political parties need to keep up with the technology revolution or risk being left behind. The Martens Centre brought together experts from various fields to tackle the challenges of social media politics and more. Some authors question the representative model, and instead propose alternatives of direct democracy. Others argue that politicians remain essential to translate public concerns into viable policies. However, there is general agreement that political parties need to do more for civic engagement and to serve their voters. The June issue of the European View provides food for thought on how to modernise policy-making and political parties to match the new reality. 

European View is the policy journal of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies. It is an intellectual platform for politicians, opinion makers and academics that tackles contemporary themes of European politics, focusing on one specific theme in each issue. The journal contributes to the debate on the most important fields of European and international politics. What makes the European View unique is its hybrid nature – its capacity to involve both esteemed academics and experts on the one hand, and high level politicians and decision makers on the other. Presidents and Prime ministers are regular visiting authors of the journal. 

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June 2015

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