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EUROPEAN VIEW Back to the drawing board? Rethinking the European integration process

This issue of the European View examines in depth the ways in which the EU member states can work together on some of the sensitive challenges the Common European House faces today: cooperation on defence and foreign policy, migration, eurozone.  reform and internal cohesion. The central question this issue explores is how the EU can reform itself in key strategic areas with a view to the future of the integration process. This question is in line with the soul-searching that the European Commission launched with its White Paper on the Future of Europe.

The topics this issue covers range  from  Eu  foreign  policy  and  external  action  to  security  and  defence,  migration, eurozone reform, internal cohesion and political participation in the age of technology. Submissions go beyond the technicalities of policymaking and provide important political input as to how today’s and tomorrow’s challenges can be met. They provide informative material on how to shape our Common European House.

The European View is the policy journal of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies. It is an intellectual platform for politicians, opinion makers and academics that tackles contemporary themes of European politics, focusing on one specific theme in each issue. The journal contributes to the debate on the most important fields of European and international politics. What makes it unique is its hybrid nature – its capacity to involve both esteemed academics and experts on the one hand, and high level politicians and decision makers on the other. Presidents and Prime ministers are regular visiting authors of the journal.

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December 2017

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