I say Europe you say...?Home. That’s what I say when you say Europe. I am Irish, I live in Ireland, it is my home. I work in Brussels, but I very much see Europe, the European Union, as also home. I hope that people look at it that way.You have been nominated by Marianne Thyssen and her question was: "What is your message to European citizens ahead of the upcoming European elections?"First of all, thanks to Marianne...

I say Europe you say..?

Peace, freedom, good living standards, protection without protectionism.

I say Europe you say...?

Next generation.

What is the most interesting myth about the EU you needed to bust in your career?

I say Europe, you say…?

I say Europe, you say…?

Democracy, rule of law, freedom, peace, our European way of life: the best continent to live in.

I say Europe, you say…?

Peace. Prosperity. Opportunity.

I say Europe, you say...?