I say Europe you say? Europe, Europe as well. What was the biggest myth about the EU that you had to dismantle during your career? Or to explain to your co-citizens? There were many, but I think the most common one, and to some extent, the most dangerous one, is the myth that the EU is going to take away national states and identities. I think that we have to make clear to people that we live in a world where you...

Our colleague Viktória Jančošeková has consulted several experts about recent important developments in the Visegrád Four, relating to COVID-19 measures and the countries' relationship with China.

The corona crisis apparently reinforces the role of the nation-state, of the government and the hard struggle between the United States and China, which put their own interests above the multilateral world order. Yet a different agenda is needed now, says former Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende. Here is the English excerpt from an interview conducted by Marc Janssens and published in Christen Democratische Verkenningen, Summer edition 2020 (Dutch).

Our colleague Federico Ottavio Reho, Strategic Coordinator and Research Officer, asked Angelos Chryssogelos and Dalibor Roháč about the impact of the Corona crisis on the legitimacy of EU Institutions.

Another round of questions asked by President Mikuláš Dzurinda to fellow former Prime Ministers about the future of Europe, the impact of the pandemic, EU decision-making's mechanisms and much more.

President Mikuláš Dzurinda has consulted several fellow former Prime Ministers to ask them for their thoughts on the important matter of EU-China relations, and what the EU’s approach should be.

In the frame of our Vital Questions mini-surveys, our Senior Research Officer, Vít Novotný, collected a second round of answers to questions related to the Corona crisis and its impact on the conditions of migrant workers in the European Union.