I say Europe you say..?Peace, freedom, good living standards, protection without protectionism.You have been nominated by Alexander Stubb and his question was: Marianne, you had a fantastic career in Belgian and European politics. You have been a role model for many of us in the EPP. What are you going to do next?Next year I will continue to focus on my job as Commissioner and work hard for a stronger social Europe. It is not...

I say Europe you say...?

Next generation.

What is the most interesting myth about the EU you needed to bust in your career?

I say Europe, you say…?

I say Europe, you say…?

Democracy, rule of law, freedom, peace, our European way of life: the best continent to live in.

I say Europe, you say…?

Peace. Prosperity. Opportunity.

I say Europe, you say...?


I say Europe, you say…?

Achieving Europe. Europe of Success. Europe of the Youth.