Unemployment & Electoral Choice: The Greek Experience

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Belgium, Brussels, 1040, Goethe Institut, Rue Belliard 58
Monday, May 12 2014 / 18:30

The financial and economic crisis hit Europe with full force at the end of the last decade. Overcoming this crisis is one of the biggest challenges the European Union has faced since its establishment. Although there are signs of improvement visible in many areas, including economic growth and financial stabilisation, some of the effects of the recession – especially the high rates of unemployment – present a serious political and social problem in Europe. The situation has fed fear and mistrust of the institutions amongst the electorate and has led to the rise of Eurosceptic groups and parties throughout the EU. The impact of these developments will be felt in the European elections on 25 May. In the event of a strong voter backlash the European Community, as well as the principle of solidarity, will be weakened. In light of these considerations the Martens Centre invites you to a conference organised in association with HSS to discuss ‘Unemployment & Electoral Choice – the Greek Experience’. Please register until Friday, 9 May 2014 at registration@hss.de.