Terror threat: lessons from Israel's experience on the home front

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Auditorium room, Avenue des Arts 56
Wednesday, June 28 2017 / 16:30

Europe has woken up to a new reality: terrorism has become a major domestic threat and the number of victims has risen dramatically since 2015. The attacks in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Marseille, London and Stockholm have shown us that terrorists are constantly adapting their methods to instil fear by killing innocent victims. The EU and its member states will also have to adapt police and intelligence methods to cope with the changing threats. Israel has suffered from terrorist attacks on its soil since its founding days and has thus won painful experience in dealing with the situation Europe now faces.

The panel will discuss their recently completed independent fact finding report, based on unprecedented access to the Israeli state – from the Prime Minister, to Intelligence security and Intelligence agencies and the military. There are lessons to be learned from Israel’s experience: What are the most important developments in Israel’s strategy and methods? What can the EU learn from Israel’s experiences?  How can we cooperate to tackle terrorism together and protect the values of our liberal societies?