Supporting energy security in Europe and in Italy

Italy, Rome, 00187 , Camera dei Deputati, Palazzo Marini, via Poli 19
Tuesday, March 26 2013 / 15:30

The Centre for European Studies, in cooperation with its Italian member organisation, the De Gasperi Foundation organised a conference on energy security on March 26th, 2013 in Rome. The main findings of a study carried out by the De Gasperi Foundation in cooperation with the CES in 2012 were presented. The themes of this study revolve around actions to mitigate negative effects of national energy dependence, diversification of resources, new technologies that allow safe and sustainable exploitation, as well as optimisation of metropolitan power supply infrastructures. Speakers included Corrado Clini, Italian Minister of Environment, Land and Sea, Fabio Orecchini, energy researcher at the Sapienza University, as well as experts from key business players in the energy sector; Franco Frattini, former Italian Foreign Minister and European Commissioner delivered the concluding remarks. The conference is part of a yearly research project on energy security, sustainability and competitiveness in the EU; the project will culminate with the publication of a book presenting the main findings at the end of 2013. For the main points discussed and the conclusions of this debate, you can download the event report below.