Political trends in Italy: potential implications for the EU

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Martens Centre, Rue du Commerce 20, 1st floor
Thursday, October 25 2018 / 12:30

People across Europe are concerned about the new wave of political trends and its potential implications in member states. Furthermore, it seems that the concept of European integration no longer appeals to an  increasing  number  of  European  citizens. In March 2018, Italian voters used the ballot cards to express their desire for change. As a result, Italy has now its first Euro-critical governing coalition; the Five-Star Movement and the League. What are the consequences of this constellation for the third economic power in the Eurozone? What are the reactions across Europe? With  this  conference we intend to provide a platform for political experts and stakeholders from different EU Member States to take stock and exchange views on the current developments in Italy.