How can the Troika settle Slovenian public finances?

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Slovenia, Ljubljana
Wednesday, October 02 2013 / 17:00

The current situation in Slovenian public finances and bank recovery indicate that Slovenia is dangerously close to the collapse of its finances. The proposed budget for 2014 does not demonstrate Slovenia’s ability to manage its public finances. The proposed budget preserves status quo and looks after interests of the public sector employees and pensioners. The malady of Slovenia is its public spending and the high taxes are its symptom; the arrival of the Troika might be inevitable. The roundtable discussion with Tanja Štumberger Porčnik from Association Lighthouse and Atlas Fundation, Rok Prešern from the Janez Evangelist Krek Institute, and Bernard Brščič with the Jože Pučnik Institute, will tackle the following questions: Can Slovenia ask for assistance from the ESM Fund and thus avoid the arrival of the Troika and its conditions? What are the consequences of the arrival of the Troika? What are other alternatives for the consolidation of public finances? How to escape the current status quo?