Fighting terrorism: Do we have what it takes?

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Auditorium room, Avenue des Arts 56
Monday, September 26 2016 / 15:00

We cordially invite you to attend the launch of the latest issue of our policy journal, European View, entitled ‘European security: a defining moment?’ The launch will be marked by a panel discussion on the fight against terrorism and intelligence cooperation in Europe.

The terrorist attacks that struck Europe recently were the deadliest in a decade. They have been labelled Europe’s own 9/11 and one of Europe’s greatest security threats since 1945. Some have posed the question whether terrorism could actually break the European Union. Without a doubt, this is a defining moment for European security. If the terrorist threat has the potential to break the Union, it could, alternatively, also make it.

How can Europe take advantage of this momentum to strengthen cooperation on counter-terrorism and intelligence sharing? Are our existing structures, such as Europol, its recently launched European Counter Terrorism Centre and the European Arrest Warrant enough to tackle the terrorist threat or do we need an institutional revamp? Moreover, what can we expect from Art.42.7, the Mutual Defence Clause: invoked for the first time by a member state, last year?

Please find directions to the event venue here