Digital Democracy: Gadgets and Tweets For a Good Cause

Finland, Helsinki, 00140, Port of Helsinki, Olympiaranta 3
Saturday, September 29 2012 / 17:30
Sunday, September 30 2012 / 15:00

The seminar ”Digital Democracy: Gadgets and Tweets for a Good Cause?”, organised by the Centre for European Studies (CES) and the Toivo Think Thank, consisted of two parts: the first part took place in Helsinki on Saturday evening, the 29th of September, and was dedicated to the presentation of the book ”Social Media - The new power of political influence” by its author, Mr. Ama Auvinen. Commenting remarks were given by Mr. Jyrki Selenius, District Director of Kokoomus in Southern Savonia, who in turn presented the actual social media campaigns implemented by Kokoomus.
The second part was held on Sunday morning, the 30th of September, in Tallin, with Mr. Ville Tapio’s lecture on crowdsourcing in politics, business, public administration and NGOs. Ms. Anna-Greta Tsahkna from Pro Patria Training Centre in Tallinn presented the state of digital democracy in Estonia.