In Defence of Globalism - Book presentation

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Martens Centre HQ, Rue du Commerce 20, 1st floor
Thursday, November 07 2019 / 13:00

In his latest book In Defence of Globalism, Dalibor Rohac makes an innovative conservative case in favour of international organisations and cooperation. He argues that far from undermining national sovereignty and unlike the caricature often made of it in nationalist circles, international cooperation is not a top-down imposition but the outcome of bottom-up processes in response to concrete challenges transcending national borders.

The book gives conservatives a warning: their ‘marriage of convenience’ with nationalists, it argues, will end in disaster. He also offers them a way out by attempting to revive an alternative, cosmopolitan, internationalist, conservative tradition that has long been dormant, he claims, on the political right. Christian democrats, conservatives and liberals on the centre-right are urged to defend the central tenets of the post-WWII international order, starting from the European Union?

Registration will open and a light lunch will be served as of 12:30.