Author's Dinner with Timothy Garton Ash

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9
Thursday, March 24 2011 / 19:00

In 2011 the CES inaugurated the Authors Dinners, a new series of talks by public intellectuals about Europe, its identity and issues impacting it, which are attended by politicians and experts from the European People’s Party family and selected guests. For the first of these dinners, the CES was proud to feature Timothy Garton Ash, a British historian, writer and one of the most prominent chroniclers of the anti-Communist revolutions in Central Europe.

Under the title ‘The Europe we Need Now’, Timothy Garton Ash outlined his ideas about the internal and external challenges facing Europe today. In this sense, he emphasised the problems caused by unexpected immigration and excessive multiculturalism, but warned not to make the opposite mistake of favouring the monoculturalism to achieve a fast integration. Regarding the role of Europe in the international scenario, the author reminded that the EU is a potential giant, but not in terms of action, and suggested narrowing the gap with the Mediterranean neighbours.