Author's Dinner with Tarek Osman

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9
Thursday, October 13 2011 / 19:00

In 2011 the CES inaugurated the Authors Dinners, a new series of talks by public intellectuals about Europe, its identity and issues impacting it, which are attended by politicians and experts from the European People’s Party family and selected guests. For the third event in this series, the CES hosted Tarek Osman, the Egyptian-born author of 'Egypt on the Brink: From Nasser to Mubarak', a book published two months before the eruption of Egypt’s 2011 revolution.

During his presentation, Osman explored the direction his country, ‘standing in the middle of nowhere and everywhere’, should take. During his presentation entitled ‘Egypt: Moving Towards a New Middle East’, the author explained the political, social, economic and religious tensions, which he believes led to the collapse of the Egyptian regime.He then explored two possible future scenarios for the country: either one of confrontation with its neighbouring countries, or one led by a new generation of young, energetic leaders and with an increasingly prosperous and independent middle class.