Social Media - The New Power of Political Influence

Social Media - The New Power of Political Influence

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What do the extensive demonstrations on the streets in the Philippines in 2001, the 2008 election of Barack Obama as President of the USA , the revoking of the results of the fraudulent 2009 Moldavian elections, the M-15 movement with their camps and demonstrations in Spain in 2011, the 2011 revolutions of the so-called Arab Spring in the Arab-states and the 2011 "Occupy Wall Street" camps have in common? A common feature amongst them has been the strong use of the social media in the organisation of such movements as well as in the mobilisation of different agents, but also the solid exploitation of the social media in their objectives and use in communication. This book explores the development and use of social media in influencing politics and society.

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December 2012

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