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I want to know more about your research

For more information about publications, authors or how to contribute to our research, you can contact our research team:

Ingrid Habets

for EU Foreign Policy/Party Structures & EU Institutions/European View

Eoin Drea

for Economic & Social Policy /

Environment & Energy

Vít Novotný

for research collaboration with the Centre’s member foundations/

Ethics, Values & Religion/

New Societal Challenges

I want to know more about your events

We organise more than 100 conferences, publication launches, seminars and trainings every year, in Brussels and other European capitals. For detailed information about our past and upcoming events, please contact

Bernada Cunj

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I want to know more about your collaboration with the businesses

We always strive to integrate the perspective of the business sector in our research and events. If you want to explore ways of how your company can cooperate with us, please contact

Ioana Lung

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I am a Journalist

We feature high level politicians and renowned academics in our events on a regular basis. If you are interested in interviews, press releases, op-eds and other media coverage, please contact.

Hege van Dijke

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I have a Blog

The former Prime Minister of Ireland blogs with us, among many others! If you are an active blogger interested in EU affairs and you would like to publish on our blog or have your blog featured in our blog-roll, please contact

José Luis Fontalba

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